Emergency Service
Sullivan Fuels is pleased to offer our customers an Emergency Delivery Service to take the pain out of running out of oil. As we like to say "We're your neighbours" ... and we believe neighbours help each other. This is why we offer a no-hassle Emergency Delivery Service.
To take advantage of this service call:
  • Pictou County  902-752-0377
  • Cape Breton  902-564-8213
Heat won’t come on?
The following things should be checked before you call for an emergency delivery.
  • Check the heating system switches. There are often two red Emergency switches in the home with one at the top of the stairs leading to the basement and the second switch at the heating equipment; both should be in the ON position.
  • Check the oil tank to make sure there is enough oil in the tank. You cannot tell how much oil is in the tank knocking on it, check your gauge or dip the tank with a stick if possible.
  • Check your thermostat in the home and make sure it is set above the room temperature and is on the heat setting.
If these steps don’t work press the reset button on the burner ONLY ONCE.

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